A long-standing grudge against members of a family is behind an arson fire that gutted a Pasco home back on June 5th.

Pasco Police report a suspect is now in custody over the blaze. David Efrain Perez-Saquic, 21, was arrested over the weekend, said officers.

He was identified as the suspect in the blaze, which he reportedly set because of issues he had with the parents of certain family members.

Arson fire Pasco (PPD)
Arson fire Pasco (PPD)

He's accused of entering the home and setting multiple 'starter' fires which consumed the house rather quickly. The people inside were able to get out , no injuries had been reported when the initial blaze took place. It had begun around 11PM.

He's now on an investigative hold for 1st Degree Arson. The investigation continues, anyone with any information, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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The house was located on A street near 4th. Besides severe damage to the home, a van parked nearby was also damaged when the interior was set ablaze. Officials believe it was part of the arson attempt.


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