There were a few in the weekend marches who displayed some rather shocking anti-police signs, but for the most part, area law enforcement officers say the two weekend marches in Richland and Pasco were peaceful and respectful overall.

We spoke with some Police officers about the CC Mall threat Sunday night, and they stressed that the vandals-rioters on Canal were polar opposites of the march organizers.

In fact, during discussions the day prior, it appeared that it wasn't so much the police being there to monitor the marchers, it may have been as much police helping to prevent others from 'crashing' the event and causing problems.

Officers stress that when people are peacefully marching or gathering and exercising their First Amendment rights, it makes their job 'easy' because they are not having to pursue, apprehend and jail those who would disrupt any kind of gathering.

Police are still working to determine if the same threat made against the mall Sunday was related to the riot-vandalism committed that night, with windows being broken out or four businesses, and a large firework being thrown at a police car.  One person was arrested related to the incidents, the investigations continue.

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