Pasco police arrested two people in connection with the theft of a vehicle early Tuesday morning, but strongly suspect the car had been initially stolen by somebody else Monday.

Andrea Nunez 25, of Pasco, and 25-year-old Brett A. Nehn are in the Franklin County jail on investigative holds for auto theft after they were arrested around 1:22am Tuesday morning. They were driving the stolen vehicle, a 1998 Lincoln Town Car that was reported taken from the Sacajawea Apartments on Monday.

It had reportedly been left with the keys in it and then . Due to the color, and body damage characteristics, police thought it would be easy to find. But as they said on Facebook, "it stayed gone for a day."

But then Tuesday morning, Officer Travis Park spotted the car leaving the parking lot of the Thunderbird Motel at 3rd and Columbia. He stopped it with the assist of other officers, and Nunez and Nehn were arrested. However, it appears they might NOT have been the two who initially took the car.

The investigation continues. Nehn and Nunez are possibly facing narcotics charges based upon what police found inside the car during the arrests.

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