Perhaps a sign of what's wrong with the educational system?

The Vice President was in Portland, Oregon Wednesday to attend a campaign rally for liberal Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley.   Given the gaffes uttered and committed by the VP over his tenure,  one would question the benefit of Biden stumping for your campaign.

But Merkley is a cut-from-the-cloth  Democrat who walks step-for-step with Obama, Biden and the mainstream national party.  Facebook has been littered with posts by his campaign urging people to vote for him to 'get the special interest money and lobbyists out of politics.'    He also attacks the Koch brothers and other conservative groups for their activism...ignoring his own party's (and unions) such activities.

But the humorous part of this is how uninformed and generally clueless these students are.  They received extra credit for attending the rally, one student even got credit towards her honors project.  Students from Washougal and Cleveland High Schools were in attendance.

Watch this video provided by Laughing At Liberals and see the prototype of the future progressive liberal voter.  Laughing at Liberals is a YouTube page devoted to exposing the lunacy of the liberal mind.   It's worth visiting because the video doesn't lie!

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