If his trips and itineraries were booked through private travel companies, the travel industry would be booming. 

According to various  reports, data is being release about Obama's jet setting ways over the last year.  172 flights in Air Force One, at an estimated Air Force cost of over 181k per flight (not counting Secret Service, logistical and local police overtime costs for his destinations).  CBS reports in 2010 Obama made 65 domestic trips in 104 days, six trips to eight countries in 22 days.   That does not also include six vacation trips in a 32 day span.  Toss in 196 helicopter trips, plus Michelle Obama's widely publicized trip to Spain.  According to the Air Force, an estimated 100 million dollars was spent alone on the flight costs of Air Force One.  This data is from 2010.  Imagine what this would do for the private travel industry.