If a Navy veteran gets his way, and this initiative is passed, there could be options for schools when it comes to arming certain personnel.

Initiative 1621 is in the process of being spread across the state, supporters are seeking the 250,000 signatures needed to place it on the November ballot. It's called The Secure School Choice Initiative.

Tyler Miller is the man behind the effort. Currently, Washington state's laws prohibit any weapon being carried on an actual school campus, either concealed or open. Only police or police resource officers can be armed, or other official military personnel, such as Army, Marines etc. That explains the 'weapons free zone' signs seen at area schools. I-1621 would change that.

Tyler has written his Initiative to amend the current Washington law. Here's what's contained in the actual text of the Initiative:

Sec. 1.
INTENT. (1) "This initiative would amend
the current Revised Code of Washington for the possession of
dangerous weapons on school facilities to allow licensed concealed
carry permit holders to possess a pistol while on public or private
school grounds. School employees would be required to inform their
senior administrator that they will be carrying a firearm for
awareness and accountability purposes only."
    He has set up a website where people can get information about the idea, and he tackles a number of questions that have been asked about arming teachers, and school security in general. Miller has gained some traction even on the West side, with Jason Rantz, who is a conservative political commentator on KTTH Radio in Seattle.
   His website also contains links where supporters can download their own materials needed to create a legal petition for registered voters to sign,  part of the effort to get the 250,000 needed. Miller stresses this won't be forcibly 'arming' teachers or administrators, it simply modifies the law to give local districts the option to do so if they want, and several ways to accomplish that goal.

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