It only took about 13-14 hours before a suspect was in custody for the shooting of a Prosser Police officer.

While answering a potential break in call at the Canyon Park Apartments around 1am Monday morning, Officer Antonio Bustemante, 24, was hit by gunfire from a suspect he saw lurking in the are of the reported break in.  Police say it appears two suspects were trying to break into at least two units.

Bustemante had given chase when the suspect turned and fired several shots, Bustemante was hit in the leg area, while several other rounds struck what police called an "uninvolved tentant" during the incident.

Working leads and information Kennewick police units arrested 19-year-old Abdiel Benjamin Vargas as he was riding in a vehicle near West Clearwater and Highway 395 in Kennewick. Police stopped the vehicle and he was arrested without incident, now he's facing at least 1st Degree Assault Charges.

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