In the media, we get pretty jaded sometimes, and nothing seems to surprise us. But after reading some of these court documents, we actually felt sick. Now that several dozen Tri-City and other area residents have been busted in a child sex sting operation, their intentions, comments and other statements have been released via court documents. It's pretty shocking.

According to (a service of KVEW-KAPP TV) court documents indicate there were some pretty sick and disturbed individuals who responded to child sex ads placed on social media, craigslist and elsewhere.  The ads were fabricated by police to snare suspected and other pedophiles and sexual predators. It was part of a Net Nanny operation, one of many over the last few years designed to ferret out and arrest child predators and pedophiles.

Among the 26 men who were arrested was a Ignite Youth Mentoring leader, 40-year-old John Scheline of Pasco. He was also their former executive director. According to and court documents:

"He placed a Craigslist ad soliciting sex to which a detective responded posing as a man offering Scheline sex with a 13-year-old boy.

Scheline stated he would place his tongue on the child’s anus and have sex with the man while the child was present and watching."

Another was 70-year-old Douglas Arbogast of Pasco, who answered a fake ad from a fictional mom who offered her 11 and 13-year-old children, a girl and boy, for sex. Arbogast allegedly agreed to meet them for sex, despite knowing the ages of the children.

Ignite Youth Mentoring immediately terminated from his role as a Mentor with the ministry. He had already resigned as Executive Director but had remained in the other role. The full list of men arrested is listed below:

Ryan D. Harris, 32, Pendleton, Ore.
Douglas Arbogast, 70, Pasco, Wash.
Marco A. Celis-Hernandez, 21, Richland, Wash.
Andrew L. Sanders, 33, Pasco, Wash.
John M. Sheline, 40, Pasco, Wash.
Gabriel Saenz, 41, Kennewick, Wash.
William J. Barrett, 47, Kennewick, Wash.
Darren J. Kerbyson, 50, West Richland, Wash.
James C. Doty, 34, Richland, Wash.
Yasir M. Majeed, 35, Kennewick, Wash.
Gregory B. Taber, 75, Pasco, Wash.
John N. Schouviller, 31, Pasco, Wash.
Antonio C. Garcia, 21, Richland, Wash.
Lucas F. Beach, 38, Pasco, Wash.
Stephen C. Perez, 45, Pasco, Wash.
Ali Al Mahfood, 35, Kennewick, Wash.
Kyle R. Sickels, 25, Kennewick, Wash.
Jesus G. Contreras Salgado, 29, Tieton, Wash.
Dewayne L. Hetrick, 42, Kennewick, Wash.
Thomas A. Swarers, 69, Kennewick, Wash.
Jerome G. Williams, 24, Kennewick, Wash.
James C. Escobeda, 20, Kennewick, Wash.
Yuriy L. Gulchuck, 35, Kennewick, Wash.
Jairo Lopez, 20, Yakima, Wash.
Aaron D. Hagerty, 42, Kennewick, Wash.
Daniel A. Medina, 20, Pendleton, Ore.


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