According to a report dated October 14 2020 given to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, a record number of Police Officers in Seattle left the force.

The report says 53 officers left, and these included 36 fully trained officers, 3 in training and 14 more who went on extended leave.

The greatest demographic of officers leaving were white, and those with 25 years or more of service in the city.

The number of what are called "officers in service" dropped from 1,247 to 1,203, while the number of what are called "sworn officers" (official police) and new recruits went from 1,406, to 1,367.

Normally, says the report anywhere from 5 to 9 officers leave in the "ninth month" or September annually; however these departure figures are nearly twice as high as the nearest month on record.

Much of the drop is attributed to the violent spring and summer, riots, protests, and the takeover of CHOP, the six block area of the Capitol Hill District. It's also attributed to an alarming lack of governmental support for law enforcement clearly pointed out by officers, leaders and the Police Union.

It is not definitely known if the report reflects more attrition by including the roughly 100 officers who will be let go as part of a 14% police budget cut approved by a 7-1 vote of the city council. Some on the council had wanted 50%.  According to them, the money would be redirected into utilizing crisis and counselor 'workers' to 'defuse' less than deadly situations etc.

These 100 officer cuts will happen right around the end of the year, going into January.

It is also not known what effect the dismissal of the 100 officers will have on future departures by other experienced Police.  It is believed by many that this huge cutback will encourage others to seek work elsewhere or retire.

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