What a year it's been! WOW!

From the transition of the state liquor stores to private outlets,  the marijuana debate and passing of I-502; to the donut hole annexation issue in Pasco, it's been busy.

Remember the highly charged Jack Didley's issue over the bouncer allegedly assaulting Brian Ensign?   The Japanese tsunami dock that washed ashore on the Oregon coast?  We do!

The Tri-City high schools and Walla Walla ending the over 40 year tradition of the Big 9 Conference by forming their own new athletic league?  It was a big story.   This and dozens more will be remembered starting December 26th.

Check out our website every day from the day after Christmas through December 31st for the Best of 2012.   The stories that got your attention.  Some you may recall, others we're sure you'll say "oh yeah-it's been a while!"

And of course, one of our favorites, the Tri-City Toilet Flushing Ban in April.   Watch for the Best of 2012 here starting December 26th!

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