Remember those ads Domino's Pizza was running about Pizza for Potholes?  It was an effort by the pizza delivery giant to help improve city streets in various communities across America, with the idea of making it easier  (and faster) to get people's pizzas to them.

Thursday, Walla Walla got in on the action. In fact, according to the Domino's Paving for Pizza website, they're the only city in Washington state getting this.

Highland Road has been an ongoing construction project, and Thursday the final stretch was paved, with help from Domino's Pizza. They've been working with communities all across the U.S. making financial donations to help with paving projects. The event started around 1pm, and featured a various assortment of displays, pizza, drinks and other activities near the construction zone.

The Facebook page My Town Walla Walla began a campaign to email Domino's and let them know how 'bad' Highland Road was, and it worked!

Apparently Domino's was pretty serious about this endeavor, a LOT of help has been given to communities all across the U.S.

Paving for Pizza in Walla Walla (Domino's Pizza Walla Walla)
Paving for Pizza in Walla Walla (Domino's Pizza Walla Walla)

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