According to projected sales data, Domino's Pizza is expected to sell more than 11 million slices of pizza during the Super Bowl coming up February 2nd.

But will next year's game be more expensive?  Or pizza in general?  The website  reports Domino's delivery drivers will be logging enough miles nationally to make 525 round-trips between Seattle and Denver - of course, the two teams playing.  Next season,  those trips could cost YOU a lot more money.

Steve Burke, of CRC Public Relations, reports the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is expected to soon offer final rulings on an Obamacare mandate.   The Affordable Care Act contains a clause that would require all pizza restaurants chains with 20 or more stores to display the calorie content of every item on their menu.

Burke reports Rep. Doc Hastings (R) of Washington is trying to bring some common sense to this idea by sponsoring the Common Sense Nutrition and Disclosure Act, that would allow leeway and flexibility towards restaurants and smaller venues on how to best display such nutritional information.

Critics say the Obamacare-FDA idea is a one-size-fits-all mandate, that would not only be ineffective, but cost millions of dollars for larger national chains to implement.   For example, Domino's does 90% of it's business over the phone or online, while the food information would be posted in the store.  Virtually no one would see it.

The cost would come from having to post calorie content for every conceivable menu item.  According to Fox News,  Domino's literally has hundreds of ways to order a pizza depending upon the toppings.

No specific timetable is expected for the FDA rulings, but something is expected to be announced by early spring.

Not only could this affect pizza chains, but it is possible this labeling standard could be applied across the board, from sandwich shops, or even a grocery store with a deli and salad bar!

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