The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday issued a nationwide warning to consumers to not use a product known as Neptune's Fix, or any other product containing Tianeptine.

   Tianeptine is an illegal anti-depressant

The FDA reports they have recently received information about numerous incidents involving serious side effects from Neptune's Fix or any other tianeptine product.

According to WebMD and other sources, Tianeptine is a prescription drug used to treat depression in some European, Latin American, and Asian nations. However, it is NOT licensed or legal in the US.  The FDA has not cleared it. It is illegal in most states, by itself or to be used in any products.

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According to the FDA:

" FDA has received severe adverse event reports after use of Neptune‘s Fix products, including seizures and loss of consciousness leading to hospitalization. Consumers who experience a bad reaction to any tianeptine product should seek immediate medical help."

An online search was not able to turn up a specific manufacturer of Neptune's Fix, but Google shows it is sold (at least online) mostly at what would be considered 'head shops' or other recreational marijunana-related businesses.

According to the FDA:

"Neptune Fix’s labels state the product contains tianeptine, but may contain other harmful ingredients not listed on the label. These products, like other tianeptine products, can be purchased online and at gas stations, vape or smoke shops, or other locations."


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