The anti-Israel pro-Hamas-terrorist protests at Portland State University intensified Thursday after Portland Police swept the university's Miller Library building.

  Protestors pulled down fence, broke in again

After breaking into the facility late Sunday, more protestors set up outside again entered the library earlier this week. Around 6 AM Thursday, according to The Hill and Portland's KATU TV, Police began a steady sweep of the area and building, removing protestors. They made at least 30 arrests and some of them were confrontational with protestors resisting.


cups of paint, intended to be thrown at officers (Portland PD X)
cups of paint, intended to be thrown at officers (Portland PD X)

Inside the library Police reported on X (Twitter) they found buckets of ball bearings, paint-filled balloons, and cups of what were believed to be paint. A sign was taped to a desk holding the paint cumps saying "throw if cops come in."

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Police inside the library found improvised barricades and fluids had been poured to make the floors slippery, presumably hoping police or law enforcement would slip and fall.

Police also said Thursday a man drove a car toward the outside protestors, got out and sprayed some kind of pepper-spay type mist towards them, and then ran off. He was later located and Police said he was taken to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation.

The library also showed signs of graffiti and vandalism.

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