The WA Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) has sent their recommendations and 'final' proposal for the Scout Energy Wind Farm that would be located in the Horse Heaven Hills to Governor Inslee.

   The project sent to Inslee has been 'gutted,' say some experts

 The plan that EFSEC sent to Governor Inslee for his consideration is far from the original plan Scout unveiled in October of 2021.

Because of opposition and scientific and environmental data, as well as input from area Native American tribes, the plan has been significantly reduced. Instead of having 1100KW capacity, the scaled-back project now would only generate about a quarter of that capacity.  The number of turbines has been greatly reduced, requirements put in for easements and rights-of-way for hawk nests, and other reductions.

Also, plans for an east and west solar farm to accompany the project have been cut in half.

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Some of the reductions came about from input from the Tribes. Because of the massive reductions, opponents say it is possible Scout might abandon the project because of its limitations. However, Tri-City Cares, the group leading to opposition, says it will be up to the Governor to either sign off on the plan, scrap it,  he can override EFSEC's recommendations, or ask for further modifications.

According to Tri-City Cares:

"TCC, Scout Energy, the Yakama Nation and Benton County have the option to file a Petition for Reconsideration within 20 days of EFSEC’s submitting their Recommendation Package to the Governor.  TCC is digesting the Report Recommendation Package to the Governor to determine grounds for filing this petition."

Inslee has 60 days from the date the EFSEC report was sent to him to make a decision.

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