The Washington State Department of Health has cleared the way for children ages 12-15 to receive the Phizer vaccine.

Officials from the state's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has green-lit children in this age group to receive the shot.

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Washington State Health Secretary Umair A. Shaw MD-MPH released this statement:

“Expanding eligibility to this younger age group protects our children and gives families peace of mind. It is the best step we can take as parents to ensure our kids remain in the classroom, can safely spend time with friends, and take part in sports and extracurricular activities. Research continues to show this vaccine is safe and I am thrilled it is now an option for parents and their young teens.”

HIs comments came as part of an overall guidance release Thursday by the Dept. of Health concerning children, and school procedures for 2021-22.

It is not known how soon these vaccines will start being administered at the Benton County Vaccination site.

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