More information being examined after being released by the Special Investigations Unit looking into the February fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano shows he was pretty much completely overcome by drugs the day he was killed.

The SIU released a picture of the rock he was holding and preparing to throw at police when he was shot. He was hit five times by officers, who, according to the report, said the shooting was justified for fear of public safety.

The rock measured 11 by 15 inches, and weighed nearly three pounds.  The autopsy on Zambrano showed he had enough methamphetamine in his system to, according to the coroner, "kill him."  The rock was seen in his hand, and had blood transfer from him after the shooting.

Zambrano had 85 milligrams of meth according to blood tests, which is 20 more than coroners usually find in death investigations of people who've died from overdoses.

So, there will be much more information released, but the SIU report does show Zambrano had a rock in his hand when he was shot, and he was clearly under the influence of drugs at the time of his death.


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