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A series of what are called 'slurry' road repairs will begin in Richland Monday, July 10th.

Hills West and Orchard neighborhoods slated for repairs

The City of Richland plans to apply what's called slurry road repairs to several Richland residential areas.

A slurry seal is a form of road repair, according to the City:

  "Slurry Seal is a mixture of fine aggregate and emulsified asphalt that is applied to residential roads. This preventative maintenance extends the life of existing asphalt while sealing it from the harmful effects of water penetration and sun. Slurry Seal is a cost-effective treatment that provides a new wearing surface that lasts five to ten years. The application usually requires a one-day road closure."

Area residents will be given a one-week advance notice, and another the day before by the paving company, and appropriate road detour and closure signs with information will be posted at the locations a few days in advance to remind residents.

 Richland has also released several maps showing when and where these projects will be taking place, To see this information, click here. 

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