Still no word on middle or high school return in Richland, but we do know 4th and 5th graders will be coming back January 11th.

After almost two weeks of hybrid (two days in class, two off, and everyone off Wed) the students were sent back to distance learning. According to the RSD, a lack of substitute teachers led to some shortages. They were needed to cover for teachers who got sick, or perhaps needed to quarantine if COVID exposure occurred.

This will not affect the rest of the elementary students. According to other sources, earlier this year substitutes were 'turned away' because the District did not have a need for them due to mostly distance learning (aside from special needs or IEP children). Now, these sources tell us, the SD is scrambling to get subs back in place. No word on that from the SD.

The District has said they are working to get more subs ready for further needs.

The calendar at the RSD website shows December 16th a parental education forum, called 'inclusive practices.' For more information, click on the button below.

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