Combine alcohol, medical marijuana, and two idiots with rifles, and what do you get?  Near misses for pedestrians and cyclists in Richland Sunday.

We will call this one Morons for Monday.   21 year old Cody A Walker, and 28 year old Ronald J. Blake were arrested for reckless endangerment and discharging firearms inside city limits, after Richland police found them target shooting near Columbia Point Sunday afternoon.  The two men were shooting at targets near the bike and pedestrian paths, but told officers they did not believe they were within the city limits.   According to police reports, one cyclist told police he heard a bullet whistle by his head.

  The pedestrian and bike paths were apparently behind the targets the two men were shooting at.  Police found with the two men a cooler with alcohol, and a backpack containing medcial marijuana.  They reportedly told officers they were not aware of any danger being posed to people in the surrounding area by their shooting.

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