A petition has been started by the owner of a Richland beauty salon, asking at least they be allowed to have one customer inside, starting May 4. The petition would permit salons to work on one person, then another, and assuming they spend 45 min to an hour on average, could bring in 7-8 or more customers a day --revenue.

Ashley Chavers owns the Keene Edge Salon, and she says she cannot justify charging her girls (workers) chair rent when none of them have any income, but she still has bills to pay. She told a local TV station (KEPR-CBS) it's become a "horrible train effect," she says someone along the line is going to take the hit, and it's going to be us.

Salons, barbershops and spas were deemed non-essential in Gov. Inslee's shutdown of the Washington state economy, and many of these smaller operations fear they will go bankrupt.

Governor Inslee has hinted at some possible relaxing of the Stay at Home, but so far has refused to budge, despite allowing Boeing and some other larger firms to re open.

The petition can be viewed here, it also includes nail artists and tattoo artists as well.

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