Thursday afternoon Gov. Jay Inslee announced a series of COVID-19 related moves.

Two more tiers of people will become eligible for COVID vaccination beginning March 31st. They will include restaurant workers, service workers, and construction workers.

He also said people between the ages of 60-64, anyone over 16 who has at least two co-morbidities (which are significant health issues) and those in what are called conjugal housing situations.

That would include some inmates, as well as homeless persons who seek out shelter and food and other assistance through various means (such as the Union Gospel Mission).

He also announced an extension of the state's eviction moratorium, through June 30th. This has been a bone of contention with any landlords and property owners, as they've seen many tenants not pay rent or make an attempt to.

So far, Inslee says, $504 million has been set aside for tenant and landlord assistance; however, this has not kept many property owners from having serious financial issues. Without rent from tenants, many cannot afford their own mortgages on their rental properties. Inslee claims, via Congress and the Feds, millions more is coming.

He also extended the proclamation preventing utility shutoffs for persons unable to afford payments, extending that through July 31st.

He said with the new tiers being announced, 600K more residents became eligible for vaccination as of Wednesday of this week.

Between the people this week, and those afore mentioned worker groups, Inslee says soon there will be another 2 million citizens eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

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