Either he was daring the clerk, or just didn't care.

Pasco Police said Monday that a suspect who was arrested Saturday evening after a convenience store robbery told (or dared) him to call the cops. He did.

Authorities say 27-year-old Oscar Armando Vargas entered the Circle K store on Argent near Columbia Basin College around 8:15PM that evening.

Suspect Vargas (PPD)

Vargas allegedly threatened the clerk with a broken bottle, stole a couple of bottles of Modelo, and strolled out. As he was leaving, he reportedly told the clerk to call Police.

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Vargas was located in a nearby vacant field and was told to follow commands. But he kept walking and refused.  Pasco Police then warned him K-9 Brit would be turned loose if he didn't stop.

Suspect following K-9 takedown (PPD)

He didn't and Brit went in and did the rest. Vargas was quickly persuaded to give up but only after Brit inflicted a number of non-life-threatening wounds to his arm.

Vargas was treated at a nearby hospital then taken to the Franklin County jail where he's facing 2nd Degree Robbery charges. Probably not a big fan of dogs now, either.

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