The Pasco Chamber has nothing to do with a recent scam making the rounds in Tri-Cities.

According to chamber officials, at least three business owners contacted them saying they had received an email, allegedly from the chamber, inviting them to participate in an awards program.

Colin Hastings, Executive Director for the Chamber, received one himself. The email directs the recipient to click on a link contained in the transmission. It takes them to another site called the Pasco Award Program.

The email recipient is then encouraged to purchase an awards package ranging between $79 and $199. Hastings called the phone number listed with the program and was directed to voice mail and told to leave his name, phone number, and "award" number. Hastings says he doesn't think he will hear back from the company, as he told them who he was, representing the real Pasco Chamber.

Hastings sent emails to each of the 400 members of the chamber letting them know this is obviously a scam. However, at least one business admitted they had sent in the money for the Awards Program.

One of the tell-tale signs of a scam is a lack of specific personal identification and the email or correspondence asks the recipient to send money.