New Jersey officials are puzzled as to what his reasoning was, but now say they have the suspect in a series of mysterious 'crappy' incidents involving a school football field.

Sources say officials set up surveillance cameras and security in an effort to catch a mystery pooper, who was leaving piles on the Holmdale High School football field. Kenilworth Public High school administrators say maintenance employees had been dealing with the piles for weeks on end.  It seemed every day, workers would find piles of human waste either on the football field or even on the school track.

Finally, after utilizing video surveillance, police now say the culprit is a 42-year-old superintendent of the Kenilworth District!  Thomas Tragmalini has already been dubbed the "Pooperintendent" by the New York Post and Daily News. Apparently his 'deposits' were being made in late night or early morning hours.

He's been charged with multiple counts of defacating in public, lewdness and littering...that last one is rather funny!

Authorities say he's been granted a leave of absence, it was his request after he was arrested.


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