Seahawks opened the season in Denver losing to the Broncos 27-24.

Seattle's first offensive play of the season? Wilson sacked, loss of 6.

Von Miller has just sacked Russell Wilson again. And it's Tuesday.

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Ever the optimist, Wilson pointed out that the Hawks scored 24 points, so just imagine how great it'll be when they don't stink up the joint, or some similar paraphrase.

Thank God I don't have to hear that stupid horse whinny over the PA system when Denver is on D anymore.

Did you catch the old school Seahawk logo superimposed on the screen noting down and distance when Seattle had the ball? Refreshing and cool.


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Will Dissly. Converted TE from DE, and a hometown Husky, graduating from UW and taken in the 4th round. The new #88 maybe for a moment had you thinking, Jimmy Who?

Russell had three TD tosses total with strikes to both Tyler Lockett and Brandon Marshall (whose Offensive Pass Interference penalty negated a TD earlier in the contest)

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RB Chris Carson, nice hurdle move. Love the leapfrog.

When Earl Thomas was not on the field, Denver could not be stopped. When he was, ET had a pick that set up the Hawks' first score, but he also took the bait on the shorter of two long crossing drag routes, incorrectly guessing or not knowing someone was behind him and his DB was looking for help over the top. TD Denver.

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Pete Carroll failed to challenge quickly enough on a sure Denver turnover that eventually led to the Broncos first score.

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Special Teams--

Hauschka? Walsh? Janikowski?

SeaBass misses a FG, Denver penalty, 5 yards closer, misses exactly the same way. Seattle lost by 3.

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Seattle goes to Chicago this Monday night where the Bears are left scratching their collective heads as to how a hobbled Aaron Rodgers humbled the soft Monsters of the Midway with the biggest Green Bay comeback that late in a game at home, ever.

Seahawk home opener is against the woeful Cowboys a week from Sunday.