This Seahawks fan shared an amazing and emotional story on Facebook on Wednesday She lives near the Seahawks training facility and drives by there often. She tells an amazing story about an encounter she had with Michael Bennett and a group of veterans that were outside talking when she drove by.

"As many of you know, we live right next door to the Seahawks Training facility, aka VMAC. Seeing the players drive by heading to practice is an everyday occurrence (during season). Today, as I was leaving my driveway, there was a car stopped in the middle of the road and a small crowd of people standing alongside the road. I thought it might be a car accident so I snapped a picture. As I got closer I realized it was group of military veterans who had assembled in front of the VMAC. Mostly all Seniors who had probably seen the battlefield firsthand. They were proudly wearing their veteran’s hats, jackets and some carried American flags. The car in the middle of the road…it was Michael Bennett’s. He had been on his way to practice, saw them and stopped. He was out of his car and having a conversation with them. Just as I drove by I witnessed Michael and a Veteran shaking hands and smiling. I was so excited, I snapped another picture. Suddenly, That image brought an unexpected wave of extreme emotion over me and I instantly and almost uncontrollably started bawling. I was sobbing so hard and shaking, I had to pull over to catch my composure. Totally embarrassing. A few of the veterans came over to see if I was ok and behind them walked up Michael Bennett. I was unprepared and not expecting this situation in my morning. But with eyes welled up with tears and speaking from my heart… I simply said, “Michael, I am so torn and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to disrespect our country, our flag or my husband who’s in the military but I want to understand. I’m a big Seahawks fan and I don’t know what to do?” He reached in and hugged me and the conversation continued for nearly 20 minutes…but mostly…I just listened. (while wiping tears away) He explained how he too had family members in the military. He talked about a lot of things I knew were coming from his heart, too. The word unity was used several times and he admitted he didn’t know where to go from here. I do not know either. Nor do I know what the correct answers are… but I do know, I am thankful for those veterans and thankful Michael stopped to talk with them…and inadvertently me. #crybaby #whataday #neverknowwhatthedaywillbring #thankyouveterans #iloveourcountry #listentoeachother (If you choose to comment, please do so respectfully.)"

What a great story, thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Friday..Go Hawks!

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