Yesterday, news was released that Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane was arrested for DUI.

Shortly after, Lane claimed on his Twitter account that he blew less then half the legal limit and shouldn't have been arrested.

"A fail DUI is 0.08 right ? I blew 0.03 why was still arrest ‍♂️ !!! I’ll Leave it at that"

The tweet was later deleted but not before Lane had engaged fans that wanted to know more information about the claim, according to news reports.

One person asked why Lane even took the breathalyzer test in the first place. Lane answered "Either way you go you still to jail that makes you look guilty. I had nothing to hide so I did it."

Washington State law does allow for anyone to be arrested for DUI if they blow below the legal limit and "he or she is found to be driving a vehicle under the influence or affected by alcohol, any drug, or a combination of alcohol and drugs, regardless of the concentration of alcohol in their breath or blood."

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