According to various reports flying around the sports world,  Seattle may be out of the running for Peyton Manning.

While Manning has not formally declined any invitation to meet with Seattle,  he has already spent considerable time meeting with (and visiting the facilities of) the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and  Arizona Cardinals. The Tennessee Titans have also extended an invitation, owner Bud Adams has all but said he will give Manning a 'blank check' to get him there. Manning played his college football at the University of Tennessee, and obviously fans in that region want the future Hall of Famer.

Published reports out of Seattle say while Manning has not declined or a refused a visit with Seattle, many believe Manning could make his decision as early as tomorrow as to which team he will sign with. Being cut from the Colts, Manning was free to sign with any NFL team he wished.  He spent the most time with the Broncos and Dolphins so far.

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