Every NFL football fan has had to deal with the 'ugh' of their kicker missing an important or game-winning field goal.

Mason Crosby isn't Mr. Automatic for my Packers, and even Dan Bailey of the Cowboys (the most accurate kicker in history) has given my wife a headache or two this year.

But perhaps some folks in Seattle are taking it a bit too far, or else their sense of humor is pretty macabre.

In case you haven't been following, Walsh had one of 'those' years kickers would undergo hypnosis to forget, missing several crucial and even game-winning FG's.

Group wants to toss kicker into mouth of Mt. Rainier (Facebook)
Group wants to toss kicker into mouth of Mt. Rainier (Facebook)


On Facebook, the Seattle Church of The Stygian Heart (Stygian is a cult say some, stuff to do with the River Styx in mythology) has posted an event for Jan. 31. It has to do with Seattle Kicker Blair Walsh.

Yikes! But remember, many of these folks in King County are also the ones who gave us legalized pot.. Just sayin'. We're pretty sure Walsh will not RSVP.

But we did notice one thing, how are they going to get him into Mt. Rainier if the event is being held at Century Link?  Remember kids. It's only football.



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