Many auto safety experts are looking to see if anyone has been cited because of one of these new cameras, but it's likely to happen if not already.

Thanks to help from King County and American Traffic Solutions, King County-Seattle School District buses are now equipped with paddle cameras, which deploy and record when the bus stops and puts out the flashing stop sign.

According to District officials, who piloted the program between 2016-17, some 400 children have been killed nationwide over the last four decades by drivers who pulled out and passed a bus while the red lights and paddle stop sign were deployed.

Because of what they say are an increasing number of violators, the buses will now carry these cameras. It's called the Student Safety Stop Arm Camera. And, there's plenty of enforcement teeth to go with it.  In Washington state, failure to stop for the bus with paddle stop sign deployed and red lights will cost you at least $419 for the ticket!

During the 112 day pilot program, King County-Seattle school officials say 595 vehicles 'dangerously' passed such a stopped bus.

Not all the King County buses are equipped, but the eventual goal is to have all of their 379 units soon.  This video is from the King County School District, Seattle Public Schools.


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