2 new officers join KPD, 1 a SPD Vet. (KPD)
2 new officers join KPD, 1 a SPD Vet. (KPD)

It's worth noting that yet another former veteran of the Seattle Police Department has found a home in Tri-Cities.

Monday, Chief Ken Hohenberg swore in two new officers. According to KPD:

"Officer Aguilar grew up on the West side of the state, living in Orting, Mount Vernon and La Conner."   He and his wife both had opportunities to pursue careers in the law enforcement field after he'd spent a number of years working in the environmental health and safety field after college on the west side.

The other new arrival is Officer Joyce. According to KPD, he comes highly decorated:

:He was born and raised in North Carolina and served as a police officer for 5 years with the Winston-Salem Police Department before transferring to the Seattle Police Department where he served for 5 years. During his 10 years as a police officer he has received a lifesaving award, a CIT officer award and an SPD Chief's Award."

It's no secret that officers are leaving the SPD in droves, especially after the city council has voted to gut the department, slash pay (even the Chief) and plans to lay off another 100 officers beginning in 2021.  Several SPD officers are here in Tri-Cities, at least another 10 have taken positions with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department.

We welcome these officers to the Tri-Cities.

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