Not long ago, Oregon State Park officials said they would be releasing a list of campgrounds where limited camping would soon be resuming.

Instead of just day camping, this will be a bit freer. Now the lists have been released, and recreators are just waiting for the go date.  Here's the ones on 'our' side of the mountains. These will re-open for limited camping May 29:

  1. Goose Lake, south of Lakeview
  2. Jackson Kimball, northwest of Chiloquin
  3. Minam, north of La Grande
  4. Hilgard Junction, near La Grande
  5. Catherine Creek, near Union
  6. Clyde Holliday, near John Day
  7. Cottonwood Canyon, southeast of The Dalles

Those scheduled to resume limited camping June 9 include:

For more details about what's allowed and what's not, click on the button below.

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