Selah's Bob and Stacy Dexter were fully expecting the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Los Angeles Rams during last night's Thursday Night Football game at CenturyLink Field.

Who they ran in to at the game was totally unexpected.

Before the opening kickoff, the two went souvenir shopping in the Pro Shop. Stacy had picked up a Hawks-colored Santa hat while Bob had drifted away to look at a cup that he was considering for purchase. During that time, a woman's voice asked Stacy about the headgear. When Stacy looked up, she immediately recognized the inquisitor as former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin!


When Palin apologized for her hands being so cold as she shook Dexter's, Stacy offered Palin her neon green gloves to try on to warm them. Palin commented on how much she liked them, so like a true 12, Mrs. Dexter gave them to Palin -- all the while her husband Bob -- like a true male -- was oblivious to it all! It wasn't until the chance meeting was over that Stacy explained what had happened and showed him the photographic evidence.

According to Stacy, Palin, along with her husband Todd, had just returned from a few days in Leavenworth. The Palins were taking in the game as guests of author Debbie Macomber who was, coincidentally, born in Yakima!