This is crazy scary and a show of mother nature like you've never imagined...Watch this shark attack a seal in THE COLUMBIA RIVER...YES THE RIVER

Details from You Tube Post:

Published on Nov 16, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Josh Robb was crabbing on the Columbia River west of Astoria on Saturday when his father-in-law saw an injured seal and blood in the water. Then they noticed something else swimming nearby trying to get at the seal.

Robb pulled out a camera and started recording the action about 15 yards away.

“Finally you could see the fin come out of the water. I said, ‘holy cow, it’s a shark!’” Robb said.

Robb’s video shows a shark come out of the water to finish off the seal. He estimates the shark was between 12-15 feet long.

“It was almost as big as our boat,” Robb said. “Once we saw that we got the heck out of dodge.”

Robb suspects the shark was a great white. He remembers seeing distinctive black eyes.

KGW has sent the video to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to determine if it was indeed a great white. We have not heard back.

Robb said the seal attack happened fairly close to shore near the Hammond boat launch. That’s about eight miles west of Astoria, not far from the mouth of the Columbia River.