The Grant County Sheriff's Office has renewed their call to the public for any leads or information about the fatal shooting of a 24-year-old Moses Lake man on May 26th.

 What We Know So Far

A passing motorist saw the body of Kristopher Vincent lying on a sidewalk along Airway Drive around 4:30 AM that day in the area of Cochran Lake.  Upon arrival Deputies found Vincent had been shot in the torso and extremities several times. He was deceased at the scene.

Based upon investigations so far, it is believed the incident had occurred between 2 and 3 AM that morning, May 26th.  It's being treated as a homicide.

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In their latest public  update, the Grant County Sheriff's Office said the following:

"Detectives are asking the public for help. They need leads to follow, and at present, few people have provided leads. As with most cases, somebody knows something; they just have to let us know what they know or suspect."

Aside from seeking more tips and leads, Officials have not released any other details or what they may suspect led to the fatal shooting, much of that because the case remains an open investigation.

Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-762-1160. All details can be confidential.

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