Pasco police released some photos of their Investigative Services detectives 'taking apart' the can in which Saturday's shooting victim was riding.

The incident began Saturday night around 11pm. Two young men were driving away from the Walmart in Pasco, as they headed south on Road 68, another vehicle with 4 young men began tailgaiting them. The suspect car pulled up alongside and shots were fired, hitting the victim. The 20-year-old man was taken to the hospital with significant injuries although he is expected to recover.

It is believed the four suspects likely mistook the two victims for members of a rival 'gang' and that's why they were targeted. Sunday evening two of the four suspects were spotted at Walmart and arrested. The search is on for the remaining 2.

Now police are combing through the victim's vehicle, searching for any piece of evidence that might be helpful in the case.

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