Griggs Department store in Pasco has become famous for NOT being the place to shoplift.  Over the years, their employees and loss prevention officers will chase perps for multiple blocks and "detain" them until police arrive.

Pasco Police now say that happened this last Saturday, and the suspect was found 'underneath' a wall of workers.

Around 2:15PM Police responded to a call about a suspect, identified as  Daniel J. Forzaglia, 25, of Sutter CA, who allegedly stole several items without paying, including a pair of shoes he was attempting to wear out of the store.

However, when confronted, he upgraded this misdemeanor to a Felony by trying to fight with the workers. Bad move. When police arrived, he was being "forcibly" held down by several workers. Cops also found a baggie containing what appeared to be the remains of some meth, so Forzaglia is now facing additional charges.

The lesson? Don'  Unless you like being gang tackled.

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