Yakima authorities say neither party involved is likely to face any charges, but a Yakima teen probably has some explaining to do after he told police he was struck in a hit-and-run.

Thursday, the boy was skating on Tieton Drive not far from Eisenhower High School, when he slammed into the side of the SUV. According to police, the boy said the SUV had hit him in a nearby crosswalk, then sped away, leaving him unconscious.

However surveillance video showed the boy hitting the side of the vehicle. The unknown driver then pulled into the high school parking lot. The vehicle sat there for a while, likely waiting for the boy to come up to them. But video showed the youth immediately jumped up, ran over and got on a Yakima Transit bus that had stopped a short distance away, and left.

After a waiting a while, the SUV then left.  Police say the driver did the right thing by not leaving the scene right away, and waiting to see where the skater was, but they probably should have reported it to police. Authorities say neither party will likely face any charges in the incident, according to Yaktrinews.com.

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