SUV Ends up in Canal-'Sir You Have Some Explaining to Do!'
Benton County Sheriff's over the weekend, discovered the driver of this SUV was not impaired in any way, probably embarrassed about how he ended up in the water.
At this time, as of Monday, authorities still don't fully know, but early Monday they got this call about this Explorer in an irr…
Would YOU Buy a Car With No Radio OR Speakers? Audi is Building O
According to Inside Radio (IR), it's something that's never been done, at least in the 'modern' era of automobiles.
In the never ending effort to provide a 'bare bones' stripped down vehicle for those who are really economy minded, the new for 2019 Audi base level A1 Sportback will have you thinking …
Skateboarder Slams Into SUV, Claims 'Fake' Hit-And-Run
Yakima authorities say neither party involved is likely to face any charges, but a Yakima teen probably has some explaining to do after he told police he was struck in a hit-and-run.
Thursday, the boy was skating on Tieton Drive not far from Eisenhower High School, when he slammed into the side of th…

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