Fortunately, the occupant of the home was not hurt. Pasco police had a little fun with this one, a crazy crash.

Early Tuesday morning around 1AM, this SUV was careening down the 5900 block of Kent Lane, when the driver obviously lost control. They crashed through this fence, then punched a new 'garage' door in the side of the home!  The person inside was asleep only a few feet from where the vehicle 'entered.'

However, after calling 911, the shocked person found the driver of the SUV had fled. But police doggedly patrolled through the neighborhood, and were able to locate the driver in a neighboring house. 37-year-old Melissa Ohlheiser of Pasco was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

No word if she yelled  "Oh YEAH!" after punching the hole in the wall before fleeing on foot. She's facing a wide variety of charges.

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