Benton County Sheriff's Deputies now say the suspect, who is in custody, arrived for his 'test drive' of an expensive SUV in a stolen vehicle.

Deputies say over the weekend a man had agreed to met up with another person about a 2003 Cadillac Escalade that was for sale in Kennewick. He arrived at the victim's home and was allowed to take what was supposed to be a short 'test drive.'  The victim never though the suspect would just ditch his own car, but he did.

When the suspect didn't return, the victim called the Sheriff's office. Turns out the vehicle the man arrived in, and left at the victim's home, was itself stolen.

However, later Saturday night, Deputies spotted the Caddy, pulled it over and arrested the driver. His identity was not released, but the victim did capture images of him on their security doorbell when he arrived for the 'test drive.'  The suspect is facing multiple charges.

Deputies and law enforcement say when selling a vehicle privately, or through social media, NEVER let the potential buyer take it by themselves. Either insist on riding along with a third person, or find other ways to allow them to make sure it's running to their satisfaction.

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