After not appearing in court in November, the two suspects sought for the alleged assault on a Trump supporter at a rally along Columbia Center Boulevard are due in court again shortly.

Sept. 26 during a Trump rally along Columbia Center Boulevard, 21-year-old Jonathan Gilmour allegedly jumped out of a Cadillac SUV and head butted a participant, bloodying his face. It was first thought he had broken the man's nose. The driver, 24-year-old Brandon Jones, is a noted social justice leader in the Mid Columbia.

Both were due in court November 20th to be arraigned on their charges, Gilmour for 4th Degree Assault, and Jones for Rendering Criminal Assistance 2nd Degree. According to court information, niether showed up.

Jones is due back December 19th, he has been given a '2nd' chance to appear without bench warrant due to the lesser crime. Gilmour is due back December 25th and reportedly has a $250 bench warrant for failure to appear as well.

Area law enforcement have noted that since the September incident, and subsequent search for both suspects, 'social justice' activity in our area has all but disappeared. Jones was instrumental in a number of protests and counter events attempting to agitate against Pro Police and Pro Trump-conservative rallies.

A Police source says, along with their 'regular' list of wanted persons, they continue to search for them.  They believe they are still in the area, just moving from place to place and staying out of sight--like a number of wanted suspects do.

Jones court docket (Benton County court)
Gilmour court docket (Benton County court)