Kennewick Police Tuesday released information indicating the driver of a getaway vehicle used in an assault on a Trump rally participant is the same person who is a  noted Tri-City social justice leader.

On September 26th, during a Trump MAGA Meetup Rally on Columbia Center Boulevard, an occupant of that vehicle jumped out, confronted some rally-goers, and head butted one of them in the nose, bloodying his face. Initially it was thought his nose was broken.

The Caddy then sped away, turning east onto Canal Drive.  After a multi week investigation police learned the vehicle was apparently a rental. Tuesday, Oct. 20, Police identified the assault suspect as 21-year-old Jonathan Gilmour (no hometown given) who is facing a 4th Degree Assault charge.

The driver of the vehicle has been identified as 24-year-old Brandon Jones, no address given. He's facing a citation for  Rendering Criminal Assistance 2nd Degree.

Kennewick Police confirmed Tuesday he is the same Brandon Jones who participated in a press conference with KPD June 5, following a period of unrest in the area over the death of George Floyd. During that time, a number of social justice groups sprang up on Facebook, including Tri-Cities Justice for George, whom Jones was either a founder or participant. Police say he is also active in, if not behind, the group Unbound Tri Cities, who have called for defunding law enforcement.

There was a group called Defend the Tri that sprang up at that time, a citizen watchdog Facebook group dedicated to standing watch to prevent business vandalism in the wake of riots and violent events in cities such as Minneapolis and on the west side.  The group was created one day after some windows were broken at Burlington Coat Factory in Kennewick by a very small group of agitators.

Defend the Tri reps, and social justice leaders including Jones, held their meeting June 5 at the KPD station and then the press conference.

Jones was a participant along with other social justice leaders in that community meeting and press conference in June, where he spoke eloquently about KPD and the need for change and reform. It appeared that some mutual conclusions had been reached, and some important constructive communication had occurred at the conference.

Police confirmed Tuesday they have not been able to locate either suspect, and continue to try to track down their location.

Various media outlets streamed the entire conference online, including KEPR TV. Jones appears around the 59:45 mark of this video. Click on the button below.


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