Tri City Republicans on Facebook and other persons who were at the event reported over the weekend a man who was participating in the Trump-Culp flag waving rally along Columbia Center Boulevard in Kennewick suffered a broken nose when he was head butted by a suspect.

The rally, attended by hundreds of participants, stretched up and down the Boulevard and was covered by local TV media Saturday.

The man was collecting signatures for I-1114 at the rally, when according to witnesses, a Black Cadillac Escalade  with New York license plates pulled up. One man jumped out, and head butted the 50-year-old man. He was left with a bloodied shirt from a broken nose.

Multiple witnesses said there were four black men inside the SUV, which then sped away. These same sources said a Police report has been filed, no other details released. The man did not sustain any other injuries.

His identity and face in picture have been withheld by request.

This is a developing story will continue to update as information becomes available.

UPDATE-- Monday, a call to the KPD confirms the report WAS filed, and the investigating Officer will be in contact with us soon with any new information.


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