The former Dupus Boomers in Richland will soon be getting a new tenant. 

Dupus Boomers which is located on George Washington closed in 2017 but now a new restaurant will soon be taking over the space and feature a unique concept.

Who's Going In The Old Dupus Boomers Location?

Say hello to Flight Tap and Table! 

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What's The Name Of The New Restaurant In Richland?

In an article from the Tri-Cities Business News, details say that Flight Tap and Table will take flight soon. The new eatery will feature "flights" of sliders, wings, and more!

The new owners are Amanda Thavone and Joey Casados and they already own the Teahaus which is located nearby in the old Taco Time building.

They are leasing the old Dupus Boomers building and don't see themselves making too many changes to the unique building structure that houses Dupus Boomers.

Will The New Richland Restuarant Be Kid-Friendly?

The new eatery will use both stories and feature over 40 TV screens. The downstairs will be a family-friendly area with the upstairs dedicated to 21 and over.

Thavone and Casados is filing for a liquor license and it looks like we will soon have a new place to frequent in Richland.

You can read more details about the acquisition here.

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