With the tinder dry hot conditions and weather we've had, not to mention the lack of precipitation, we've got a lot that could go up in smoke this month. So which counties have complete burn bans, and which ones don't?

According to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), this map shows the fire danger in Washington state. In our area, Benton and Franklin Counties are red, considered extremely high. Those in yellow are high.  Benton County has a COMPLETE burn ban, nothing allowed for anyone.

Franklin County has no burning except for those needed for heat in a home, or recreational, such as back yard fire pits. Some very limited agricultural burning allowed. If you're wondering what's banned in your area, click here to find out.  DNR has a map with each county, just click on it, and it displays what bans are in effect.

Right now, EVERY county in Washington state is either high, or extremely high fire danger. Yikes!

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