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When you look at Eastern WA, as well as Northeastern Oregon, we broke some records this week, and some of them were pretty old!

   Most of the region sees record-setting single day temps

We didn't come that close to threatening the all-time hottest temps ever recorded in the Columbia Basin, that's still up around 116 of 117. But the National Weather Service records single-day records for hot and cold, among a myriad of data.

Although it was not the National Weather Service back then, most regions have been keeping track of the weather since just before 1900-1910.  The NWS says we broke or tied no fewer than 5 temp records around the region.

Tuesday, we saw a record of 108 recorded in Pasco, the old record for July 9th was 105 set in 1975.  Ellensburg set a record of 106, the old record was 105 in 2012.  Dallesport WA, which is across the Columbia River from The Dalles, OR, saw a 1952 record of 106 for July 9th get beaten by 3 degrees.

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On Wednesday, July 10th, Pasco's old record of 106 from 1975 was beaten by a 108 mark. Ellensburg also saw 101 degrees break their old mark of 99 set in 2007. Yakima's 105 broke their old 1975 record of 103, and Hermiston OR tied a record set back in 1926, when they hit 107.  Wow...! 

Temps will stay warm, around 99-101 through mid to late next week towards end of July.

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Gallery Credit: Anuradha Varanasi


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