Even if alcohol or drugs are not involved, Mother Nature can make a roundabout treacherous.

Late Thursday night into early Friday morning, Kennewick police got a report of a crash at the roundabout at 4th and Union.  When they arrived no vehicle was present, but plenty of evidence. A destroyed street sign, and some damaged landscaping.

After a short search, the damaged vehicle involved was located down the road. Officers say 30-year-old Alea Henderson was not under the influence, but determined excessive speed in rainy wet conditions led to the mishap, with her car going through instead of around, then losing control and plowing the street sign.

Police remind drivers even in warmer weather, steady or hard rain (especially at night) can create slick driving conditions, and depending upon the condition of your tires, you can slide more than you think.  Henderson was cited for Driving Too Fast for Conditions.

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