Speeding Driver -0-, Roundabout -1- Again!
Even if alcohol or drugs are not involved, Mother Nature can make a roundabout treacherous.
Late Thursday night into early Friday morning, Kennewick police got a report of a crash at the roundabout at 4th and Union.  When they arrived no vehicle was present, but plenty of evidence...
Intoxicated Driver Doesn't Roundabout Roundabout, Goes Through
If you live near 4th and Kellogg, you're no stranger to the occasional intoxicated or wild driver, who decides to go THROUGH the roundabout, rather than around it.
No different than the ones at 4th and Union, or others. Around 2:55am Friday morning officers were dispatched to 4th and Kellogg whe…
Those Pesky Roundabouts Claim Another DUI "Victim"
Kennewick police say very early Wednesday morning, an intoxicated driver failed to negotiate another of those 'tricky' roundabouts, wrecked their truck, and strolled away.
Police say this Dodge driven by 29-year-old Tyler Jenson of Oregon, was driving through the roundabout at 19th and Unio…
Excessive Speed Triggers Injury Roundabout Crash
Early Friday morning, Kennewick police and the Washington State Patrol say excessive speed was likely the cause of an injury accident in the roundabout near Steptoe and Columbia Park Trail.
Officers say the vehicle entered the offramp at a high rate of speed southbound from 240, towards Columbia Park…

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